Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shiny Rhetoric

Time heals old wounds. I decided to let time do its blessed work.

Therefore I steadfastly avoided Angela for a very long time. Her influence in my life was confusing and unpredictable – suspicious in a neither-here-nor-there kind of way. One is left wondering “what did she just do?” Call me paranoid. She stands out and so is easy to avoid. And is now a close friend of The Ex. My beloved mother should move expeditiously and warn me in no uncertain terms about cavorting with people like her. I mean, who walks around with an unexplained black eye and makes no effort to hide it behind her pair of dark stunners?

A new semester began in due time. The usual lot of self-styled and genuine buddies made good their perceived obligation to get into my business (read ribald jokes about how and why I was still single.) I characteristically professed my time-honored tradition of preaching about the uncomplicated life and its perks. They rolled their eyes. I resolved to rid myself of their bad influence and thus let time do its healing work on them.

As it turns out, inconvenient friends are harder to shake off than enemies.

Anyway, life marches on irrespective.

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