Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A team mate died recently, our goalkeeper.

He had MAD skills, was popular inside and outside the team and took the time to coach some kids on weekends and holidays.

We were not close, he and I. In fact, we hardly talked. The last time we talked was a disagreement, a silly flare-up over nothing in the middle of training one cloudy evening after our team had conceded a goal and everyone was itching to assign blame. We shouted hard words at one another and shortly went back to our frigid silence.

That was a very long time ago. Of course at the time death was the last thing on our minds. I just wish our last interaction had been on a more positive note. Football has been fun and therapeutic for me; to think that I left on bad terms with a fellow sportsperson does not sit well with me at all. Besides, all his friends were not crazy to see good traits in him.

Going forward I am admonished by this tragedy to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Someone could die before you get a chance to bury hatchets. Life is short, make it sweet.