Monday, March 21, 2016


At work I sit next to an IT guru. A nerd. He is a committed hard worker with the assiduous type of work ethic that real men everywhere aspire to.

We have formed a sort of rapport.

One slow afternoon an attractive young workmate complimented him in a roundabout way. The compliment is disguised as a complaint about his soon coming transfer. She gushes at length about how unfair it is that he is soon to leave just when everybody is getting to know and rely on him. He laughs her off nonchalantly.

Days later I tease him about it. Like "hey how about that girl she was literally crying that you are going away *wink wink*."

He snorts. "Argh! leave her alone she was just consoling. You can't get attached. Things get messed up."

Yeah. Just like that. It's brutal, but it's true... So true I had nothing more to add.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Necessary Humility of my Opinion

My opinion, which you did not ask for, is humble, if I say so myself. However it is not so humble that it could have expired within the confines of my consciousness without being said in the hearing of others. Still, it is only my opinion, and I, being one individual amidst several billions, am statistically insignificant, hence it is a humble opinion. Nevertheless I have chosen that particular perspective out of countless competing interpretations, thus, as far as I know, it is a chief conquering opinion. However you are entitled to your own opinion; therefore mine, especially if contrary, must needs be humble in name at least for the sake of harmonious social relations (feelz).

Let each profess their humble opinions with decorum, expressing dissent reservedly, and taking all care beforehand to beg to differ (if they absolutely must), lest barbaric opinions butt their raggedy heads vigorously in civilized company.