Friday, April 15, 2011

Games and Sports

It was dark and rainy outside. Inside, I was not alone in bed. Alter Ego was to blame.

GalPal whispered things: this can never happen again. We will never talk about tonight, not to anybody, not to each other, never.

I would have initiated interrogation (featuring “But Why Not?!”), but I figured that by feigning nonchalant agreement, I would eliminate her leverage of affected detachment. She wanted to be the Queen of No Strings. She would lose that title if I became her husband, the King of No Strings. Semantics can't be so big a deal if the underlying truth works for you, right? “Sounds good,” I said breezily, “First let's finish tonight and I shall append my signature on the dotted line later.”

'People play games all the time. Play along, Mr. Feelings. Play to win.'

We never really even stood a chance, GalPal said, we were too antagonistic. I agreed immediately; we are different people with opposing perspectives, we repel each other because of our discordant characters and are only physically attracted to each other, so it will never work.Clearly.

There was some kind of hidden clause therein, poorly masked beneath a seeming negative.

Shortly we weren't whispering - we were panting for breath.

And then we were whispering again. She hoped I was happy, now that her friendship with Angela was ruined. It was none of my business, I said, perplexed at her, she had done all the ruining by herself.

I hate you, she whispered, you judged me before you gave me a real chance.

Hey, now, no strings.



Here, have some more hatred...

Morning. Showered, had breakfast, said goodbye. I didn't want GalPal to leave but I couldn't say that out loud or I would automatically lose the game whose rules only the Alter Ego understands fully.

"My ankle hurts", I said. So I couldn't escort her.

"By the way... What the hell did you ever see in Ailis?"

"She didn't play games."

A pause.

"Um... you... what did you see in QezH?"

GalPal slapped me for asking stupid questions, and did not deem to answer.


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