Saturday, November 19, 2011

Neoliberal Cannibals

Because fanaticism is not capable of self-recognition, the principles of delusion and convenience which run the world remain invisible. Oly rose-tinted self referential mirrors obscure the fact that greed propels capitalism. Everyone is naturally inclined to think they are the star of their own show. That show might be a reality TV - horror crossbreed.

The neolieral value-set has permeated all sectors of commerce and industry. While the words "freedom" and "democracy" dominate in policy statements, the Invisible Hand is expected to yield visible improvements, with trickle-down effects to boot. "Nationalize" is a taboo word, "Privatize" is a buzzword. Sustainability does not feature until its time to "trade" carbon emissions.

Many verses in the Bible warn against false gods which neither hear or respond to prayers, yet whose worship demands human sacrifices, bloodletting, prostitution and other degrading variations of soul-selling. Money fits the description chillingly.

If madmen run the planet, it is because money made man mad. If madmen do not run the planet, it is because money runs the world.

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