Friday, August 17, 2012

Progress? Where?

A blogger will tell you: sometimes blogging is purely therapeutic.

Writing an internet blog is often just like shouting into a black hole in the vacuum that is deep space. It screams futility; it reeks of pointlessness. I mean, the internet is chock-full of people seeking an audience, if we ignore all those guys copy-pasting their assignments at the last minute. It's like everyone is on stage with a mic - and the pews are empty. Speaking of which, my most visited blog post is entitled "Scramble and Partition of Africa," which makes me suspect it's only ever googled and visited by students researching assignments under that title. I wonder if my alternative views of history contribute positively to their grades. Perhaps? No.

Today I rant as always against the myth of progress. It's ridiculous. Everything from politics to economics is going to the dogs all across the world. Even the entertainment is demonically influenced; I mean, how bad can it get? Much worse, because, evidently, the shepherds of the flock are off feasting on the flock alongside the wolves. Unfortunately there's always be a zealous chap somewhere on an elevated podium, actively  propagating the dogma of progress, throwing in a Dark Ages reference for comparison.

But the progress-peddlers won't even allow you space to think, with their promises of change and highfalutin high ideals in manifestos. Sure, innovative inventions periodically enhance the convenience features in our eyesight-ruining health-depleting contraptions. Even so, the political social and economic conditions under which we live can not be called progress by any standard, however retarded the standard.

My heart breaks to hear Christian shurches and radio stations urging Christians to "vote wisely", contrary to increasing evidence that there is no more "oxymoronic" phrase in this day and age. Vote? Wisely? The political ballot is really no choice at all, so I won't be making it.

As it were, I'm in Limuru today and my hands are getting  too cold to type this rant comfortalby, so you're spared for today. BUT! I'll be back!

Quick conclusion: Trust GOD!

PS: It turns out blogging IS therapeutic! I was very angry when I started writing this but now... :)


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