Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Could You Be Loved?

Love is a universal enigma. My own quest to understand it is still a work in progress. This quest has led me deep into the remote hinterland of the internet; far past the blogosphere's delineated "there is no political correctness beyond this point" limit. And I daresay I have attained a rudimentary grasp of the basic skeletal structure of LOVE.

Let us just limit our discussion today to heterosexual love, alright?

The bulk of this post is borrowed from the article "Sexual Frigidity Is Caused by Feminism." (In fact, that article is better than this one!)

By design, men and women experience love differently.

Men exchange love for power. Women exchange power for love. (Women surrender their power in exchange for male love.)

This partly explains why the genders do not exactly read from the same script. Women think men don't think in the correct format and vice versa. This apparent incongruity is as it should be - by design, for the greater good.

(This arrangement serves to establish families)

The sexual act practically embodies this power-love transaction. Therefore it is impossible to have a purely physical fling, because the sex act is primarily and inescapably a deeply spiritual experience.

I read somewhere that perversion is eroticized hatred. The description fits, in every twisted instance. It is utterly revolting what emerges when hatred replaces love in the sex equation. The entire framework is inverted, corrupt to its roots, and its fruits stink. I will explore this aspect in another post.

Feminism is a threat to the stability of society, it's got women seeking to consolidate power rather than surrender it. Men do not want to compete with women! Thus the genders get lost in the no man's land (PUN) of feminism.

Could you be loved?


  1. There is no better definition of love than that given in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and no better structure for marriage than that ordained by God and mentioned in Ephesians 5:22-33.

    I have nominated you for The Liebster Award. Visit to see more about it and the rules.

  2. Nuru! You have cited the ultimate standard of love. There can be no better.
    Liebster award! Thank you, I'm too honored. I'll tag you in my acceptance speech SOON :)


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