Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The surreal truth

The days would be comparatively prosperous if they merely dragged on uneventfully. For one, News Hour would then feature a clueless newscaster blinking sheepishly at the cameras. But nowadays even idly daydreaming of such a dull existence would be asking for too much: these are the last days. Every new day is “more last” than the previous one was; as darkness descends upon humanity, violence, wickedness and upheavals multiply, the drums of war acquire a decidedly martial beat.

The hour is late. The nations are angry, only getting angrier at themselves and one another. I can feel it within my country and outside it as far as America: populaces tenuously straddling crumbling internal fault lines, while maintaining aggressive postures towards other nations. Everything is poised for an all-encompassing conflagration masked as competition for resources.

Certain friends I admire give me hope that all is not lost. These people remain principled, placid, positive and inspiring in this cruel world. But I fear for them: they are liable to become victims of the predatory wickedness that roams the earth today, a heated zeal whose wrath does not discriminate between innocent bystanders and belligerents. Even now the destroyer works to whip up chaos against the children of GOD. But such has ever been their baptism of fire, since the time of Abel’s murder, through the crucifixion of Jesus, and the martyrdoms of saints to the time of the end.

The truth is that majority of the world has believed a glut of lies – the wine of Babylon’s fornication. The clean air of truth cannot mix with the smog of lies and yet be breathed in healthfully. Look, many pastors would have us believe that one can be homosexual and be in GOD’s good books at the same time. That’s called strong delusion. Those who stand for truth eventually disagree irreparably with the established order. Being unwilling to compromise with the devil, they get labeled “intolerant” etc. And then the civil government oversteps its bounds to prosecute such conscientious believers (read religious persecution). But this is the inevitable consequence whenever the laws of GOD and the laws of men contradict. Men will compel the observance of their laws, but GOD values free-willed obedience and liberty of conscience.

Suffering is a constant for all. It is better for us to suffer for doing good than to suffer for doing wrong. If history teaches us anything, it is time for humanity to stop and examine our ways, for individuals to look around them and ascertain which side they are standing on. GOD certainly requires it of each of us, at least while we have His Word within our reach and eyes to see. And it is up to individuals to do this for themselves.

As wickedness continues to part ways with simple decency and common sense, every other day convinces me that we are living on borrowed time. It has been GOD’s grace to give us extra time to seek Him and repent. But the world is fixed in its ways, the world is mad, lost, sick and naked; yet proud, stubborn, unwilling to go to its Healer and be healed for free. The patient refuses to admit that he is mad. Won’t the Healer at length surrender such a headstrong patient to his beloved Babylonian drunkenness?

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