Friday, February 14, 2014

A Portentious Dream?

In my dream, massed troops of discontents were commandeered by ambitious men. Their target was an enthroned priest on an elaborate white throne. The entire scene was white.  A sleek curving ramp ascended to the priest's throne. The marching armies climbed laboriously towards the priest in question as he sat there and simply stared at them. At length the journey was complete; the ambitious commanders confidently stepped forward, and demanded the immediate and unconditional surrender of the priest, on grounds of his scandalous apostasy and abuse of power. The triple-crowned priest's only reaction was a hearty, arrogant laugh and the exclamation, "You fools! All these armies are MINE!" And the commanders were perplexed.

Shortly after the armies marched down the ramp. The world stretched before them, right in the crosshairs.

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