Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The World is Almost a Feminist Wasteland

I used to espouse feminism. Nowadays I attribute that phase of my life to ignorance, indoctrination and overexposure to mass media. I cringe and shudder to think that I was once so sold on the feminist cause that I affixed the label "feminist" on myself, and wore it about like a badge of honor. If I could go back in time and undo the damage I wrought by my imprudent hook-line-and-sinker swallowing of subversive ideologies inimical to society's best interests, I would, post haste.

(If this was some tertiary-education-level essay I was submitting for grades, I would
define feminism hereabouts. But it's not.)

According to Hollywood and every other "relationship expert" perpetrating the hoax, love equals feminism. You would be surprised how many allegedly Christian marriage consultants peddle patently feminist maxims in the guise of (while in fact contrary to) sound Biblical marital advice. Even gender legislation bows to feminist scripts. The fruits of it are split up families and consequent social rot, whose grand climax is civilization collapse. Any good student of history will affirm that with increasing "liberalization" of a culture's moral standards, usually accompanied by prosperity and luxury, comes a corresponding decline in discipline and social cohesion.

As liberals go the feminists take the cake for utter lawlessness; all their "rules" work to the disadvantage of every other social demographic INCLUDING THEMSELVES. They let it all hang loose, everything. When the true moral, social and economic toll of feminism is taken, including rampant pro-choice abortion, no-fault divorce, and the rebellion that is a necessary part of any revolution against "patriarchy", there will be no winners. Broken families don't strike me as the formula for a successful society of the future.

But I can see how people would blindly subscribe to feminism, ignorantly, even to their own detriment. It happened to me. True story! "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." How else could it be, with entire civilizations enacting an ideology that emasculates their men, claiming "gender equality"? The rhetoric is good, but the devil is in the details. Yet its doctrines are everywhere you find the woman elevated to a prize to be won, a savior of society, a minor deity to be appeased. Feminism spreads just beneath consciousness, yet working as dangerously as a virus in the breeze. 

The World is Almost a Feminist Wasteland? Yes, that's me trying to excite images in your head of zombies swarming a post-apocalyptic planet, because such is just what feminism will achieve if allowed to run unchecked.

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