Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Middleman Mentality

That guy or girl who has no original ideas of their own but always hijacks other people's ideas by assuming executive capacity and bending over backwards to fill every power vacuum.

Is not exactly  in the heights of power but certainly anoints oneself with administrative duties.

Monopolizes channels of information. "All inquiries go through me. I will give you feedback."

They screen all comings and goings to protect their interests within the group, therefore they need the oversight role, with minute invasive micromanaging.

Very territorial about their perch on the big shot's shoulder so they may repeatedly parrot their agenda.

The undertone in their over-enthusiastic rhetoric is such: "Everybody owes the success of this endeavor to my neurotic meddling. This endeavor is my middle name."

While the team's success is to their credit, failure has nothing to do with them (you know, their "advice" was not followed properly, etc.)

They will balkanize the group to get themselves ahead via staged conflicts. They will vilify innocent bystanders to knock them down and become heroes.

They will not be sorry.

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