Saturday, October 24, 2015

Surrender to Overcome

To overcome sin we must surrender to Jesus Christ. We can not do it, not by our selves. We may try, because the mind knows and the heart perceives that something is sin, but the flesh loves sinning. Any effort of ours to overcome sin by our own strength is defeated by our fallen nature, and is corrupted by a desire to establish our own righteousness - a miserable motive with dire results.

But thank GOD the Father for His Son Jesus Christ, who overcomes sin through His Holy Spirit indwelling in us, and lets us take the credit as overcomers! In truth it is not we who overcome, for we merely surrender our lives to One who conquered sin and death: the Lamb of GOD which taketh away the sins of the world. To be born again is to die to the flesh so that Christ may live in us, it is to surrender our lives (our very lives!) to One in whose keeping they are best placed, every day, dying every day, surrendering, because we know by faith that He is coming victorious, and in that Day it will be better to be found His servant than His enemy.

If there is any pride and stubbornness, then the old man of sin yet lives, and yet more dying and surrendering must needs be undergone.

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