Saturday, February 6, 2016

Demerits of Ramming the Gates

The allure of a virgin is her native purity. Having no carnal experience, knowing nothing, she is timid, self conscious and able to be taught. This necessitates in her a submissive, receptive disposition towards authority. The overall effect of such innocence is sublime, subtle, difficult to be measured or described, pleasant.

A whore on the other hand is jaded in her soul yet outwardly overconfident. The sexual experience which gives her that misplaced royal air is paradoxically the same reason she is disillusioned from having seen it all. Such incongruity ought to be fatal to logic, and is a precursor to madness, but she rationalizes at some level that the men she steers by the bridles of their own lust are bigger fools than herself - they tirelessly arm her with the weapon with which she overthrows their minds; therefore in her own eyes she is a genius. Often overplaying her hand in unguarded moments, she first discreetly then openly rebels, seeking to dictate and dominate.

In this narrow respect virginity is not, as the feminists like to declare, a social construct of the patriarchy. Leaving the physiological or anatomical aspects quite aside, virginity is an observable psychosocial phenomenon that affects the behavior of women, which can thus be determined even outside explicitly sexual contexts,  (barring the "observer effect" - a woman's knowledge that her behavior is being appraised WILL distort the researcher's findings either towards conformity with what she thinks are his expectations, or  towards absurdity.)

All that being said, DISCLAIMERS follow.

1. Before branding a lady a virgin or a whore or any ratio of the two, it is best to first analyze behavioral trends/patterns over time rather than isolated incidents. (The plural of data is NOT anecdote.)

2. Confidence does not necessarily constitute a whore nor does timidity automatically signify a virgin. Research further.

3. For purposes of this theory, the virgin-whore scale is not a binary dichotomy but more like a continuum, with complementary proportions of both aspects in any one woman. (Like the pH scale of acids and bases with perfect neutrality smack in the middle.)

4a. The psychosocial aspect of virginity can long outlive the loss of physical virginity.

4b. Physical virginity in itself is nothing to be prized if it's psychosocial benefits are nonexistent. (In plain English, true virginity begins in the mind.) Physical virginity symbolizes something much more valuable - a pristine mind.

A RIDER to the foregoing DISCLAIMER:
Many virgins there are who are "that way" merely for lack of opportunity. To rephrase, virginity as a default state is no achievement - its preservation against marauding vandals is however a worthy undertaking and a high honor.

Lastly, to each his own. Feel free to opine contrarily.

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