Monday, March 21, 2016


At work I sit next to an IT guru. A nerd. He is a committed hard worker with the assiduous type of work ethic that real men everywhere aspire to.

We have formed a sort of rapport.

One slow afternoon an attractive young workmate complimented him in a roundabout way. The compliment is disguised as a complaint about his soon coming transfer. She gushes at length about how unfair it is that he is soon to leave just when everybody is getting to know and rely on him. He laughs her off nonchalantly.

Days later I tease him about it. Like "hey how about that girl she was literally crying that you are going away *wink wink*."

He snorts. "Argh! leave her alone she was just consoling. You can't get attached. Things get messed up."

Yeah. Just like that. It's brutal, but it's true... So true I had nothing more to add.

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