Friday, January 27, 2017

More rambling

The heading says it all. Turn back ye chickenhearted.

In childhood I had lofty dreams of grandeur which evolved in time into delusions. But as the madness relaxes its grip on my mind, I have found that going through life as an ordinary guy on the street is surprisingly bearable. The secret is to like oneself, and to stop competing with others, to let go of the past and its dead dreams and live the present fully in the direction of the future you want for yourself.

Oh no now I sound like one of thise snake oil salesmen peddling "inspirational" literature.

Minding my own business, I find I have a great deal to mind, and just enough trouble along with it. It looks ordinary to an outsider looking in, but that outsider oughtta go mind their own business too.

What am I even saying exactly. Somebody paraphrase.

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