Thursday, January 26, 2012

Morning FM

Computer games, movies, music, etc. I'm entertained to the last shred of my wits. So why am I still bored? I have a theory. I find that entertainment is not like a debt you pay and settle. It's like a hole you keep digging deeper and deeper. Like a drug you get more and more hooked to with each puff. Law of diminishing utility; you need a bigger high the next time, or it's just not the same.And marijuana is psychologically addictive, according to research.

This morning the people at Kiss FM morning show whateveritsname were busy hyping the wholesale badness of marijuana for human consumption. Have Jalas and Caroline NEVER heard of medical marijuana?

Okay some guys get so high on weed that their brains feel like raw vegetables (cabbage to be precise) sitting squarely in their skull. Others embark on laughter adventures. Others pull off their clothes. Others become very hungry. Others become downright unbearable. One of my friends, when he got high, he began to tell lurid tales that were nothing short of diabolical. As in live-horror-spoken word. Anyway. Others go so far as to actually become mad.

I'm all for Caroline warning people about the dangers and setbacks associated with marijuana BUT. There's got to be a but. As with every other thing, there's at least two sides to any story. Hyping one side too much ranks among propaganda. Especially if your trigger to activism is a government official. The establishment's agenda is to establish its agenda.

Just saying.

True, marijuana IS psychologically addictive, and the people who have been messed up by it are many. The questions WHY and HOW are the next logical step, unless you're only interest is to declare final edicts that are not to be questioned. Which falls right in with the profile of a tyrant. The type who'll rubber-stamp "hippie" on your forehead and that'll be end of the matter; off to rehab with you. See how Caroline wrote off the pro-mary-jay callers as high and mentally-unsettled.

A free choice is best made when all supporting and contradicting information is available for analysis. Otherwise, deception is in progress. I know many sites which allege among many others. And they have scientific data, anecdotal data and the whole works. To say nothing of the marijuana legalization movement in the US, which is managing to hold civilized debate amongst proponents and opponents, and state governments that have been legalizing (medical) marijuana one by one.

Lastly, as things now stand, marijuana is illegal in Kenya. That part is not the subject of argument.

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