Friday, January 20, 2012

Snares Aplenty

2012 is here at last! Astrologers and other career stargazers have long been hyping the alignment of constellations or horoscope formations (donno!), supposedly meant to occur in 2012, as the dawn of a new Age of Reason/Horus/whatever. Isn't that just contradictory, reading the future in the stars and declaring the whole circus an Age of Reason?

I'm not holding my breath. If you ask me, astrologers, wizards, witchdoctors, soothsayers, fortune tellers, palm readers, waganga kutoka Zanzibar, etc all serve up the same wine of deceptions on which the whole contemporary world is drunken. Those who mutter and peep and presume to tell the future are just one breed in the highly variable death-promoting Babylon system.

And they are many.

There are many breeds of untruth in that stated system, a great variety too, designed to capture the imagination of every type of personality alive. Think of it is a large array of traps, each set in such a way as to lure particular target-types. Actually:

No small-time conjurer the great tempter
Who lies in wait and studies his prey
Laying just the snare where the case may fit.
Traps for rodents and nets for birds.

For those obsessed with outward form
cyclical fashions;
For those keen on excitement
thrilling distractions;
For the more cerebral types
deep devils’ doctrines;
For the simple minded ones
thrilling sensual lures;
For the cold-hearted
Drunkenness and bigotry;
For the upright ones
Trials and persecutions...

To each his own trap
And the tempter stays out of sight
Except to gloat at his victims
As they fall therein

On to the next trap, then?

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