Sunday, July 8, 2012

ATTN: fellow writers!

Dear bloggers,


I am motivated this day to address you directly.

A casual glace at my Blogger reading list reveals that writer's block has reached epidemic levels in the blogger community. Of all the horde of bloggers on my blog-list, only The Land Destroyer is regular. I suppose he's always busy (there's no shortage of two-faced lying politicians and unscrupulous geostrategists with things to cover up which need exposing).

But the rest of us... need to try harder. Some of you first-class literary talents are too willing to disappear unacknowledged into the jaws of the ravenous real world's exploitations. Raw deal, I say.

Or else, are we following "ghost bloggers", then? I ask. Clarify! The internet has a right to know if your online persona is dead.

Kind regards,



  1. I'm alive. But yeah the block is viral on my reading list too

  2. tSN, ??? longtime.
    Ernest; I see you! On a semi-regular basis.

  3. Replies
    1. tSN, not regularly enough!
      Spread some (more) love!
      (Easy on the movie spoilers.)

  4. We hope you came back with many dreams to narrate.

  5. Interesting! I just made the same observation to the people on my blog list.


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