Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Perfect Grammar, but… Wrong Use?

A close friend of mine takes pride in being able to speak English. As a result of his burning desire to fully maximize his daily quota of English words, his sentences overflow with redundant phrases.

Check his question out: “Have you seen my ID which the chief gave me so that I can be using?” I laughed as we searched high and low.

Is it better to text/tweet in full, with perfect grammar, capitalization and punctuation; or to just do “plz am gud lol,” whatever that means? Consider these two cents my belated contribution to the ongoing rivalry between the “GrammarNazi” and the “GrammarHippies.”

My answer: I think we went to English classes in childhood. Honestly, who didn’t like their English teacher? Same teachers taught lessons in grammar, punctuation and spelling so that we can be using.

Redundant phrase for emphasis. Peace.


  1. I can write in my language with very few mistakes even thou I only know the basics in grammar and cannot name parts of the sentence.

    There is something more about languages than grammar: there is logic and many hidden "rules" we learn from reading and studying those who teach how to write.

    In English, my 2nd language, I write like a 19 years old.

    I wish I could improve my writing. Sometimes I look at my texts and I can see that it is not well written.

    I'm trying to learn more.


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