Thursday, September 6, 2012

Revise history, quick!

I'm worked up as I write this. It's the newspaper's that's done it this time. I see deception and disinformation flying around and I get so mad.

History as taught is a heap of lies. Sure, there are facts in there to be crammed: dates, names and places, accurate ones too. But that's just data. The truth of history is much more important than its minutiae. And the truth of history is what mainstream academic "History" has never ventured to teach. Remember, also, that the victors are the ones who write official "history" and dispense "justice". The fittest survive to immortalize their heroes in dogmatic myths. Later generations recite it in their daily papers.

They say "if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth." Well, it doesn't. Life in the 21st century is a continual bombardment of lies. We are drowning in it. Mass media beams it all day. "Education", so called, embeds it in our thinking. Corporates sustain the deception to profitably maintain relevance. Pop culture conforms the masses into the required psychological stances. (Chris Brown: "Don't wake me uuuuup!") It has reached a level that is one wanted to start fixing society's junk, one looks at the multifaceted problem, sees the multitudes of its adherents and vested interests, wonders where and how to start, gives up. The task is worse than Herculean, it overwhelms and tires merely by contemplating the sheer scale of its impossibility. This is the reason I'm worked up - tired as I am of heaps of lies incessantly being told even now.

Things simply have to make sense to me. But it's hardly ever that straightforward out here.

Example. Over the years, one learns that the innocent pay for the crimes of the guilty. It's a hard fact. However, facts are like prostitutes; they readily lend themselves to competing interpretations, without discrimination, especially if the price is right.
1. Paying for crimes is highly demoralizing, moreso paying for others' crimes. Rationality seems to suggest becoming guilty: as attested to by popular culture's disdain for "naive" people and their "inexperience."

2. OR be innocent anyway. Moral rectitude demands it.
The truth is oscured from view by "facts". All varieties of statistics can be made to mean something compelling, and reinforced by graphs and charts. In short, there is a distinction between "data" and "truth". Too bad how data has become the nerd's crowing glory.

There's every risk I'll burn myself out railing against the system like this. The world is fixed in its ways, and proud of it. I just ask anyone to show me where they are obligated to buy into its deceptions.

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  1. Glad to know there's someone else out there that's just as tired. Hope it tires you to the point of action. I think its main weapon is the sheer magnitude of it all; the kind that pounds you with hopelessness and a feeling of impossibillity that none dares even try and remedy the situation. But with realization comes enlightenment which leads to upsets of the current status quo. So by all means keep the articles coming


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