Friday, September 14, 2012

The Real Clash of Civilizations

Here come the crusades, all over again!

George Bush used the term "Clash of Civilizations" in the course of describing his Iraq war, which was only Chapter One of War on Terror (9/11 being the preface and Desert Storm the front cover). Soon after we heard of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.  Over time we became content to believe that the clash of civilizations entailed stopping religious extremists operating from caves; it also had to do with exporting democracy and freedom around the globe, by unseating the oppressive tyrants of Rogue States. Who can argue with that?

Libya's 9/11 (2012), the murder of the American ambassador, ought to give us pause for thought. It is closely connected with and results from the release of "Innocence of Muslims" an anti-Islamic movie in the US. Elsewhere on the internet it is said to also be revenge for the similarly undignified killing of Gaddafi. Almost simultaneously, in Egypt, strikes have erupted as a result of the same anti-Islamic movie, and the US embassy is besieged; consequently the age-old diplomatic warmth traditionally shared between Egypt and US is threatened.

And ain't that funny? The Arab Spring eradicated Libya's Gaddafi and unseated Egypt's Mubarak; US celebrated, but now all they see is "Islamist fighting groups", jihadists and terrorists running haywire. (It was designed that way.)

Now the Clash of Civilizations exposes its real religious colors. It shouldn't have taken this long. Just a consideration of the term should have pointed to an intent more nefarious than smoking Osama bin Laden and his likes out of mountain caves.

Cue to extremist Christian preachers organizing Koran-burning events. In public. The anti-Islamic movie that is the cause of so much uproar is just some similar classic agent provocateur tactics at play. Now we can expect counterattacks in sacrilege and blood. Ignorant people all around the world will take up arms to kill innocents in the name of GOD. It's a damn shame to see Christians lured into the politics of Zionism; therein shall they fall, entangled with delusion into a fight not their own.

Here in Kenya, a recent eruption of violence at the Coast threatened to take on this sinister Muslim vs. Christian flavor, what with its al-Shabaab connections. Fortunately, we have a mature lot of politicians and religious leaders, who closed ranks across their various divides to stand in unity and denounce the goings on unequivocally. Also, to their credit, many Coast residents simply wouldn't allow the thing to sink into the miry depths.

But someone ask Nigeria how things got to be so tough with Boko Haram. Who can resist a raging craving for revenge? Who is above being manipulated to defend the honor of their GOD? These are tactics to "spread the blood," to ensure that all have blood on their hands, so that none can honestly take the higher moral ground. Still the truth remains: sow violence, reap violence - no matter what religion.

The Crusades are upon us, primed to fester into a gangrenous World War. Behind the scenes is a movement for religious unity, to be achieved by Hegelian Dialectic. That's just how the bones will break, ultimately.

Will you fall for the fool's gold of false religion for the sake of peace? FYI, there is no peace with antichrist.

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