Monday, December 10, 2012

White Flag

Fever is what's up right now. This mix of dizziness and weakness is alien to me, a CERTIFIED WARRIOR! Disease has caught me by surprise, how vulnerable, how fragile I have become. (Don't worry, I'm boring everybody with the details - not just you.)

Modern medicine has always earned my uninhibited suspicion. Ever since I heard of Big Pharma and the Medical-Industrial complex (I just made that term up), I have never regarded drugs, vaccines, painkillers and antibiotics the same way again. I mean, who in their right minds will fight the symptom instead of the disease? My mother knows I avoid conventional medicine, so whenever I fall sick she firmly insists that I should see a doctor. Usually we dwell upon the argument until the disease leaves. (I'm starting to realize how stubborn I am.) See, I consider doctors with the same suspicious horror with which kids consider clowns. When I have a flu I'd rather chew copious amounts of garlic until the flu surrenders. Its taste makes me weep and its scent expels housemates from my immediate vicinity, but nothing good comes easy. No pain no gain. etc.

But this time the fever is even in my joints. My nerves are a wreck. I feel like someone tore me apart and put me back together using home-made glue. Therefore we all know by now what tomorrow's itinerary looks like: I acquire a white flag, go, and plead terms of surrender with the nearest hospital. I may have to swallow bitter pill - literally. Or get injected. Or both.

(A fevered brain is not ideal to be thinking with.)


  1. Lol....plead terms of surrender with the nearest hospital. You better!

    1. turned out I didn't even need to. I chewed some herbs and survived.


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