Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good Read - Paradise Lost, published 1667

Methinks John Milton took some extravagant liberties with his rendition of the fall of man in "Paradise Lost." All the same, it is a true  classic, well worth the time spent reading it, if you can stomach long sentences held together by innumerable semicolons. I recommend it even if the English in it is harder to digest than Authorized King James Bible, and even though I roundly reject the idea of immortality of the soul as unbiblical. Nevertheless the narration details the fall of Lucifer from heaven after his rebellion led to a war between the angels, the creation of the universe, the temptation and fall of man, in short, Paradise Lost.  Every page turned the plot thickens, tragedy and victory. Even though the reader thinks they know the plot in and out, knows exactly what is going to happen next, the details and spiritual principles breathe life into the whole tale. I especially liked Milton's rendition of the perfect relationship of love and trust between Adam and Eve before the fall. Made me jealous I admit. More importantly, Milton's words trace as close a sketch of Satan's character, cunning, wickedness, pride etc. as I have ever encountered. Last but not least the reader's knowledge will be stretched to the limit in trying to make head or tail of references to a host of other classical works and legends which pepper the book. By all means read Paradise Lost. Even if it was once banned - it remains o the internet as a downloadable PDF. I'm not even done reading it but here I am waxing lyrical.

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