Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hapless New Year

Walking into 2014 I already feel bad for the year because of all the expectations people have laid at its feet. Don't get me wrong, I'm an optimist occasionally. Still, we must consider the trend of things so far and ask ourselves whether a calendar change is all the transformation we need. Methinks not.

From a great controversy perspective, the one which says we all fight in a spiritual battle between good and evil, certain things are bound to remain fixed. GOD will work and Satan as well. In fact, the very fact that the time is advanced by another year is evidence enough that Satan is madder now than he was last year, hungrier for souls, more bloodthirsty than before. The new world order, the devil's global monument of rebellion against GOD, is now a year older, a year closer to fruition. We are in the end times.

True, life is a great blessing that GOD has continued to give us into 2014. Many did not live to see tis year. Indeed we are sojourners in the earth, we have no abiding city here. But GOD still has a plan for our lives, or else we would be dead.

My prayer is that 2014 will be all about obedience and faith. Thanks and praise, His will be done.


  1. Well, we have another year to make sure we live a faithful life in Christ. I have no doubt that many things may come against all of us this year, but we have to stand our ground and fight against it and be true..
    I wishing your the best for 2014 with happiness, good health and success Untonyto.

    1. Thanks Rum-Punch Drunk, by GOD's grace the good fight will be our main preoccupation this year!


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