Friday, May 23, 2014

Children's Laughter is Love

Love pops up when none seeks it
interfering with mundane routines
throwing predictable patterns into disarray
so that jaded old veterans giggle like kids
like tickled toddlers screaming out mirth,
Attempting to exhaust interminable laughter
through toothless mouths extended wide;
tiring from the effort but laughing still,
laboriously suspending this stanza of chortles
just in time to inhale barely enough air for the next,
convulsing like a live wire act all the while
infecting all with at least a smile...

Love is uncomfortable delight.


  1. I love love, I love laughter and I love this piece...the oxymoronic conclusion leaves me wondering at the height love could push one to.

    1. Love mostly scares me. I bask in its warmth from a safe-ish distance. Thanks for commenting!


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