Monday, May 26, 2014

Drawing Lines

Let us temporarily move our minds beyond the alleged tradeoff between being single and lonely, or being in a relationship and bored. (Admittedly it is debatable.)

Putting that aside, I have a theory. Single people tend to be rigid in their opinions. Once they've made up their own mind, that's it. On the other hand, being in a relationship compels one to be flexible and open minded to a certain extent, in order to accommodate the other's opinions, tastes and preferences. 

This reality opens one up to all sorts of compromises that one would have never otherwise contemplated. Commonly referred to as "love conquers all," we have all seen the phenomenon of lovers ditching ideological stances, personal principles and even entire religions in the name of love.

It has happened to me enough times. For example, my taste in music and choice of viewing have been significantly influenced by exes, friends, the company I keep. On my own I am cautious of being seduced by pop culture. Even certain so-called "gospel music" don't cut it no more, mostly I'd rather let my thoughts soar through silence and naturally occurring ambient noises. If something "hot" comes up, you will catch me scowling at the screen moments before I change the channel or switch it off altogether. But put me on even the most casual setting with an acquaintance and the pop music will eventually bob my unwilling head as the visuals charm my hypnotized eyes. At long last all resistance is laid in the dust and the old joints will bust spontaneous moves.

I for one have resolutely taken the extreme view: unless I meet someone who is as strict (or stricter) about what they allow themselves to listen to or watch, guarding my own mind will be a losing battle. Since two shall become one, be not unequally yoked. Compromise must come with relationships indeed: however certain lines must be drawn as mutually inviolable or else two can not walk together.


  1. Nice post Boss. i like the fact that it was very direct, yet detailed and filled with knowledge.

    Mehhnn the thing tire me oh. Most times, i have found myself drifting from my once worshiped and idolised lifestyle to another, just to make the "SHE" happy. But sadly Love is a visitor in my life, so i always return back to status Quo ASAP. :)

    Nice Blog Oga Boss. i am Nigerian and i Blog at Young and Confused. Glad to be here though... It was a fun read. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for passing by Duru Adolphus Chukwunonso! I'm glad you could identify with this experience. Clearly we have suffered. But you seem like an interesting dude, hopefully you'll be fine :) I propose a toast to our transcontinental connection.


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