Sunday, January 17, 2016

Deja Vu

I froze like a deer in the headlights. Alright, there are no deer in Kenya: I froze like a sheep in the headlights. It had been a while before I felt genuinely liked by a girl. 

Maybe your reading of this blog has not made it obvious that I am cynical when it comes to the ladies. I've been repeatedly burnt in a formulaic manner by the species from Venus, thus with them my shields are front-loaded and held high. So when Rehema comes along manifesting all the symptoms of a girl smitten, giggly, jumpy, accompanying me everywhere and telling me everything about herself in high speed, and smiling like sunrise whenever we meet, I'm standing there wondering what's the catch. Plus I tend to shrink from fuss and attention, which seems to be all she's got, and that in abundance. 

Well eventually her animated energy and unbounded spirit draws my attention and she soon manages to get me talking freely. Her gestures and poise suggest she's a bit of a tomboy. And her eyes are an open book - I can see right through her and into her very sharp brain. So eventually I calm down and decide to disillusion her romantic notions slowly, but she'd make a good friend, because I do like her. All too soon we are close confidantes jabbering away at every half chance. So now there's nobody else around I can hold a comparative conversation with.

The shields came down. I've been here before...

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  1. Try to trust your heart and see where it takes you this time.


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