Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Grace in the Mirror

Did I post late last year and say I felt change coming my way? It was a false alarm triggered by a bout of optimism for the end of 2015. I imagined that 2016 bore bags of new things for me, some parcels stashed in its armpits because its hands are loaded with goodies for me, and the backpack strapped to its back is bursting at the seams with loot for me.

Problem is, 2015 came and went, but 2016 found the same old me.

The fact of the matter is I am an insignificant, largely forgotten guy: I have alienated many, made terrible blunders at a vast spectrum of things, and gotten significant parts of the remaining things upside down. A change of calendar can not transform deeds already done.

Still, even with that record, I have got to become the person I have got to become. There's no Plan B with life, you just move forward from where you're at - wherever that is - just making sure your map is held upright, your bearings are right and forward is really forward. That's what the rest of life is for - to figure out and achieve one's divinely ordained purpose. Yes, GOD has a plan in store for good and not for evil. But that plan only comes into play if I conform myself to its terms and conditions, while abandoning competing plans of my own and others' devising (and others, many others, certainly have plans for us, you'd best believe!). GOD's good plan will not be rammed down my throat as I kick and scream.

I don't even believe in myself any more. But, for reasons I can not fathom, GOD believes in me despite my own unbelief in my own self worth.

And how dare I presume to believe that GOD believes in me? The Bible tells me so. Also, because I am still alive - in spite of the train wreck that fills my rear view mirror.


  1. Well, I'm wishing you a very Happy and successful New Year. Leave the old suitcase behind and begin to get some new things in your life. Chuck out the old and bring in the new I say. Yes, we all have things in our past that is determined to try and wreck our future, BUT we already know that, so don't let it do that. We all have doubts and can be faithless at times, but we continue to pick ourselves up and shake that dust from our bodies and move on.

    Every morning we wake up, we have been given another day to put something right, so let's make the most of it. We know not what tomorrow brings.

    1. Word, RPD. Your comment is so good it earns you a free pass for not posting anything for an eternity. Thank you.


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