Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Everyone’s Star Wars

Conscience is like a cash crop. Watered, it grows. Its fruits are refreshing. Neglected, it withers and dies.

Unfortunately, neglect of conscience is easier than acquiring the humility it takes to maintain conscience. Whenever I am not listening to conscience, then Ego takes center stage.

Now Ego is a bad manager. You know, the boss who takes all the credit, and issues all the orders and generally works very unilaterally, the archetypal despot. “All that is worth doing had better center on me,” says Ego. “The universe does my bidding.” This mindset banishes rational and moral sanity into exile, and government ceases.

Ego is a bad lover. Whereas love is that which seeks to give rather than take away, Ego is a selfish-minded beast out to satiate lust – with the least amount of commitment possible. “No strings attached” is one of Ego’s wildly popular inventions. But there is a reason why when she start playing games he better put that woman first. Why? It’s very rational: if the beef deteriorates into an egoistic tug-of-war, the abundance of casualties will be unbearable even if I win. Ego, the ruthless warlord, cares nothing for me, his mercenary.

Ego is a bad advisor. “You alone are right. You must win,” says Ego, “No one else deserves to!” Thus am I conscripted into my own army, fighting in the war of me against the world, commandeered by Ego. Meanwhile the true war, the great controversy between good and evil, is lost from sight. Civil war seems to have erupted in my sector. For what cause? “Me?”

Ego is easy to obey, being both seductive and gratifying. Conscience is hard to listen to, its brilliant truth is also harsh and piercing. Natural man is easily pleased to pamper ego, even at the danger of destruction, and half-willing to kill conscience, and thus put an end to her hazard warnings, misgivings and inhibitions.

A war wages on every day in every living man’s life: Ego and Conscience campaign for our ballot. Good and Evil are always set before us, choice required on the spot. Ego dangles the carrot and flashes a bribe, while conscience stretches the finger of blame and points to the load of responsibility. In sum, these elections and referenda determine our fate.

{Prov. 5:22} His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins.

“Good over evil; Life over death”: Let this be your party slogan.

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