Friday, February 24, 2012

Communication is the Trick

Apparently, break-ups have anniversaries. This translates to me as one more reason to avoid serial monogamy. The ladies like to have their anniversaries celebrated without prompting. The men would rather remain clueless.

So Pearl called, square on the date of the first anniversary of our break-up. After reminding me of the significance of the date, the conversation went surprisingly well, eventhough I found it odd to have that event in mind let alone to observe it in any way.

I find it hard to say no, which is why I let the conversation stretch for another hour. At least she was forward enough to say she thought a reunion would be a good idea.Eventually I didn't exactly say no but neither did I explicitly say yes (the conversation meandered all over the thematic spectrum and we even agreed that it was important for couples to communicate right seeing how we broke up over faulty communication.)

Over subsequent days, the succession of phonecalls and texts served to reinforce tentatively inferred agreements, at least until I remembered the moral of the story: communication is the trick. Since I was finding it hard to say no for fear of disappointing her, I was implying yes, which was monstrous miscommunication.  So her texts and calls multiplied.

So I communicated effectively at the next opportunity, which was a distasteful affair, albeit a necessary evil.

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