Monday, February 20, 2012

Contra Diction

'Religious' post. Shoot me now.

World politics is a stage. All the marionettes we see thereon dangle off strings which are manipulated by Satan himself.

The devil is a liar and the father of lies. Thus, the reality and the rhetoric of world politics are diametrically opposed to each other. So effective is the deception that many, while swearing by the seductive rhetoric, have their eyes wide shut to reality. Unfortunately, the entire world is structured for serving rhetoric, dogma, a pack of lies. War is on the way because some of the dogma people are ready to fight to protect their deluded fantasies. Politically, economically and socially, lies have gained currency as the blueprint for a global society. Just don't ask UN, IMF, World Bank or any of the secret societies or mainstream religions.

Rhetoric says world politics is benign and progressive, leading towards world peace. The stark reality is that world war will suddenly be upon us. Look to the Middle East. While the talk in international fora is all about unity and everyone getting along, actual practice on today's battlegrounds is eugenics and genocide. According to research, the amount of depleted uranium used in the Middle East (War on Terror and variants) equals 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs in terms of radiation. If that's not racist by definition then it is racist by design. To say nothing of the role of the UN as the biggest high profile boot-licking cooperative ever in history, by which such atrocities are excused as victor's justice.

Elsewhere all over the planet, all cadres of leadership hype globalization, depicting it as a cute "global village" type of borderless arrangement. In truth, the whole thing despite all its fancy social networks widens the class rift between rich and poor. Connectivity is just one more thing the poor don't have. Marginalization, in short. This comes at a time when thanks to pop culture, 'swag' is the new black, the whole point in a culturally and morally bleached landscape.

Satan is leading a rebellion against God Almighty, but his stake in the affair is neither to accumulate wealth nor power nor fame. He has no need for such trivialities; come on, he has ruled the world for a while already. Rather, he outsources his labor among the humans, buying out his workers' souls at the incomparable price of coveted earthly perishables, because rebellion is his whole cause. Enough people are so willing to be blinded by such short term gains that today, our music is sacrilege, our entertainment is blasphemy, our economics is politically correct slave trade and our society descends deeper every day into new depths of moral depravity.

By the way, the last time Satan succeeded in uniting the whole world in rebellion to God, the Tower of Babel was thrown into confusion and that was the end of that.

If our "religious leaders" do not sound the alarm, that just indicates what side of the divide they have hedged their bets. Contrary to what some of them might say, God does not exclusively associate Himself with religions, sects or offshoots. His people are individuals of every background who follow Him in spirit and in truth, who desire to fulfil His will in their lives, even to the point of being called 'a peculiar people'. These are the true church of God, no matter their denominations. These are they which Satan seeks to deceive or destroy, for they do not conform to rebellion. He has the whole world's wealth and armaments at his disposal, his time is running out, and so his efforts of late are peaking towards a crescendo of sorts. Consider the darkness we call entertainment, and political instability all over. War is coming. Don't take it from me; watch the news, judge for yourself, check out

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