Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poet-Try (attempt at humor)

No magazine, newspaper or tabloid will pay to publish this poem (below) in its Featured Author section… heck, not even in small print upside-down near the crossword or amidst classifieds or in any of the many margins. Yes, I asked.

I don’t get it… I mean, the poem rhymes and stuff, doesn’t that count for something? It’s what poems do, right? As for inspiration, the first line is the inscription on a t-shirt of mine, and wasn’t no copyright info on it, but even if there was some tiny small print, that’s like only 10% plagiarism; cut me some slack for goodness’ sake. 90% is the work of my own original brain. And the logic in the message is flawless. The poem is a fountain of knowledge.

Here you go. Rescue my ego. (You see that? …go ….ego?! I rhymed without even trying.)
Alright, now. Prepare to say wow. (You see? It’s evident…I got talent!)
Evident and talent just happen to rhyme by the way.
Screw what other tricks poets use; I’m set like a fuse.
Anyway. Enough brilliance. Here’s the poem which was foolishly and fraudulently rejected by the enemies of progress. (Any lawyers out there think I have a case? Please call me!)


Born to party, forced to work!
What a pity! It is whack!

Parties are fun. Work doth sucketh,
But to taxman contributeth.

Pay tax my brother. Do your bit.
Pay tax my sister, or get him to do it.

Get a day job. Pay as you earn.
“Tax makes you sob,” is what you will learn.

I’ve changed my mind: Party all you want,
Shake your behind. Don’t work if you can’t.

My friend you see, Tax is no increment.
Set yourself free. Avoid employment.

This poem is legendary. It’s writer is awesome.
He spake “Be wary: Avoid boredom.”


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