Thursday, June 21, 2012

State of the 'Truthers'

Nothing is as it seems in the current order of things. It is a mirage of smoke and mirrors, a succession of false flag attacks and a hotbed of mass misinformation media.

I picture the The Truth Movement to include everyone who knows that mass media hardly broadcasts the plain truth. In my head, many seekers begin their Truth Movement adventure with the realization that 9/11 was an inside job controlled demolition. Enter cognitive dissonance. For me, it has become the litmus test for every politician. All the current lot of US presidential candidates are busy failing that test. But that's just the elementary level, there's more.

 Unfortunately, "9/11 truth" is probably one of very few things on which the diversity of "truthers" agree.

Like so many other organizations, the Truth Movement finds itself pulling in many diverse directions. I suspect it has been infiltrated by deceivers and manipulators. Outright enemies out to discredit it have also sneaked in, agents provocateurs, wolves in sheepskin. And there is no end to unscrupulous snake-oil salesmen who are making a fortune from "exposing the NWO," to say nothing of gullible but honest-hearted observers fueled by paranoia above all else.

Many in search of a solution have narrowed their diagnostic focus exclusively on the economics, or on society's declining morality, or on wrongheaded or diabolical government policies. They do not realize that to see the big picture, all bits of the puzzle have to fit together. Social engineering is a holistic enterprise from its conceptualization to its actualization. All our base are theirs.

The New Age movement has firmly planted its banners in the midst of the movement, coloring the end-time scene with a deceptive spiritual hue. One rightly points to spiritual malaise as the root of the current global troubles, but to introduce doctrines of devils as the solution is "deception by misdirection". Many disillusioned souls will fall for their illusory balm.

Eventually the so-called Truth Movement will share the fate of any factionalized revolutionary movement: collapse into itself due to infighting. Meanwhile, the truth for which they claim to be fighting will only ever feature marginally in their rationale and mostly lie forgotten somewhere. And the enemy will celebrate, unscathed by a divided enemy, happy to let them tear each other's credibility and effectiveness apart.

It breaks my heart.

If only the "truth movement" would unite behind GOD's Word, which happens to be the comprehensive truth! Then might divine results be expected in this spiritual battle we all wage.

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