Friday, June 15, 2012

Ready answers

It was one of those evenings when all answers make no sense and the questions are just as illogical. Or maybe I was just tired.

"Why are you avoiding me?" texted the Ex, after nearly a month's hiatus. I had taken the revolutionary step of deleting her number from my phone memory, but my brain memory clung to that number like a - ahem - like a bad ex.

"For the obvious reason," I replied.

Maybe such situations is why prepackaged comprehensive worldviews exist. "Should doubt enter, go with the flow!" "In case of difficulty, read the manual!" Asking too many questions in a fractured order of things can drive you crazy. There are no satisfactory answers, so reach for the prefabricated ones. Exes generally do not entertain each other. Simple is easy.

"We have music pending," came the perfectly logical reason.

"Then I guess I'm not avoiding you."

A fleeting impatient wait. And then, her text: "Forget it."

Classic! Bait, lure and discard. Now I had to pretend to placate her spirits.

Which shorthand ideology best applies, between Life is unfair, or, Stick to the plan?

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