Monday, December 23, 2013

Breaking the Silence

I attended a week-long Youth Congress last week. It being held at a secondary-boarding school, dormitory accommodation and lacklustre meals were complaint-worthy. Frankly however we did not pay the paltry Congress registration fee expecting to sleep and feast like emperors, no. Bible study was the chief incentive, pursued closely by the youthful urge to network widely with like-minded potential mates.

I emerged from the conference challenged on multiple levels. Now I regret not inviting everyone I know to come along. I was burning with longing on my friends' behalf as one inspired pastor undertook to unpack relationships and their role in history, going on prophetically to the last days, all Biblical, of course. I wished everybody was there to hear it. In short, they taught us a bunch of good things from their own experience and from the Bible. It always surprises me how whatsoever it is that one needs to live a good (righteous, blessed) life is clearly spelt out in the Bible. All themes are covered.

What a thing it is to be young! We take it for granted, unwisely try to rush through it in haste to be thought grown-up, but all we young and young-at-heart oughtta stop a minute and appreciate what being young entails if we are going to make the best use of it. I'm speaking foremost to myself here because my cynicism has led me into the dark alleys of despair far too often.

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