Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Subjective Much?

I read a lot, all the time, on wide range of interests. But I try to keep it all grounded with the Holy Scriptures as my ultimate frame of reference.

Anyway, my readings led me to this article about Margaret Thatcher, in which the author traces the academic roots of her neoliberal policies in Britain while she was Prime Minister. Boring stuff. Now consider this excerpt:

"Hayek, like his co-thinker Ludwig von Mises, was an exponent of the backward and primitive Austrian school of economic theory, which had been concocted by feudal-reactionary quackademics in the Habsburg empire..."

Although I laughed, it's not objective. Translating to sheng, it would read as follows:

"Hayek na von Mises waliaminia madwanzi wa Austria, wenye walishikilia mateachings za washamba wengine watiaji kutoka pande za Habsburg..."

A disastrous verdict.

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