Monday, April 16, 2012

On Atheism

I was on Twitter one day when I happened to clash beliefs with an Atheist. Among my stated arguments against atheism were the following tweets.
I was atheist too, until its inbuilt purposelessness overwhelmed me.

My atheist phase was a dark place, a deep pit, a place of no hope; I was empty, the grave loomed large.

As an atheist I was without purpose, there was no point to anything! I hedged my bets on accidents and random events, I cared least.

If life has a purpose, what is it to an atheist?
And then we moved the dialogue to the blogs, so here we go. Here is the good blogger's opening salvo. I opt out of a point-by-point rebuttal in favor of attempting to address the role played by atheism in historical context. (I stand by my tweets, quoted above.)

I think it is a crack in logic to put faith and logic on two different planes, as though they were parallel and opposite. Even faith is established on the basis of truth, which is drawn from reality. Religion and science are not rivals - unless you are talking about dogma. But there is dogma on both sides of the artificially created religion-science divide. Dogma is typified by refusal to countenance that the opponent could be right. Dogma is a weapon of repression, an efficient tool to rule the world. Just as the Catholic Church used dogma to persecute "heresy," today's global elite uses dogma in mass media to program the masses into conformity with its agenda. The difference is that today, the dogma is not "religious."

Elsewhere, I have argued against Faith being taken to be a theoretical set of beliefs or merely intellectually accepted ideas taken to be true. Rather, "Faith without action is dead." And that is the big problem with religion today - the idea that faith can be practiced by fanatically urging convoluted doctrines upon the masses. This type of ideological faith is an easy target for Atheists, who come armed with facts and thus become successful in spreading doubt. But there is no challenge against faith made whole by good actions.

The origin of modern atheism can be traced back to the French Revolution era. And the French Revolution sits squat in the middle of  the so-called Enlightenment Era - the spread of ideas inimical to the established order, in the vicinity of the Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions. Now, real history tells me that this era corresponds with the rampant growth of Secret Societies in the Old World. And these secret societies have historically promoted the same three-pronged agenda: destruction of the church, destruction of the state and enslavement of the mob (destruction of organic societies).

Their enlightenment ideas (authored by Secret Societies) birthed a range of revolutionary 'isms'. Starting with the bloodshed and atheist horror of godless society during and immediately after the French Revolution (which horrors are a repressed historical fact), it leaks a bloody corpse-riddled trail through history into the spread of communism, nihilism and deism and their attendant horrors in societies which took up their teachings. Today we see variants of socioeconomic liberalism tearing into society, church and state, and the social results speak for themselves. "By their fruits you will know them."

But the authors of the enlightenment - the secret societies themselves - were not atheist. Not at all. To this day they (secretly) worship Satan as their god. Atheism is reserved for the ignorant masses ( known in their lingo as " unwashed" or "profane") to embrace and thus unwittingly enact the allegedly All-Seeing Eye's three-pronged New World Order centuries-spanning agenda, bent on overthrowing the foundations of society and church and state. Real history is the battle between good and evil throughout time, the struggle between secret societies (Freemasonry et al) and the truth, between injustice and Justice, between Satan and GOD. A finale is on the cards real soon, but Atheists are incapable of conceptualizing this reality due to their dogma, which precludes a controversy between good and evil.

There is only one truth. Deception is the one that comes in variant breeds. All deceptions call themselves truth, and are seductive, so that they can deceive. "The Devil comes but to steal, kill and destroy."

Find your own truth, as faith is first and foremost deeply personal - not programmatic or collective. You have one lifetime. Seek only the truth diligently, and I put it to you, you will find GOD.

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