Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friends Again

Sunday midmorning.

There was instrumental music to be digitally composed, but Sister of The Ex, who is in charge of melodies, was running late. So I jumped the gun and embarked on a cross-breed of classical and hip hop music while waiting for her. (No comment at this moment.)

Her text came through though.

"I'm busy. But my assistant will be there to help out with the music. Good luck."

My worst fears were confirmed when the "assistant" of Sister of The Ex turned out to be The Ex.

Shortly, she stood in the doorway, fixing me a formal poker-face.
I was lost for words. The Ex had gained weight.

We hardly talked at first.

"Get me a du-du du-dudu- beat!" she ordered.

When it was done to her specifications, she plugged in and wrapped MY headphones around her ears, effectively shutting me out as she continued composing.

"We're supposed to do this together!" but she obviously wasn't listening or couldn't hear or both. So I found space opposite her on the table to draw, write and text her sister while exchanging the occasional glance.
Me: This is not working.
Sister of the Ex: How's it going?
Me: She's hogging my headphones!
Sister of The Ex: Learn to share! You can thank me later :)
There was a brief silence hereafter, and only mouse clicks and giggles from The Ex' side interfered with world peace and quiet. Suddenly, almost an hour later, she started singing.

"A-a!" I exclaimed. "No love songs here!"

She grinned defiantly. "Says you! My song my lyrics." And kept right on singing songs of heartbreak. When the diabolical scowl eventually dissolved from my face, and I started paying actual attention, it sunk into my skull that the tune she was singing was actually quite melodious, touchy-feelings be damned.

So I grab the headphones off her head and place them on my ears… and watch her smile as her instrumental arrangements wow me off my socks.

Whether she liked it or not, The Ex and I were definitely friends again.

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