Saturday, March 10, 2012

Change is Coming

The Hegelian Dialectic is a political theory which generally states that “Thesis plus Antithesis is equal to Synthesis”. Its philosophical underpinnings escape me, but I understand its practical application to be a horror of mass manipulation and deception. Simply, two opposing sides (or theories) are made to unite into an apparent compromise, except that this compromise was always the predetermined outcome of the conflict in the first place!

Now that I think about it, I recall a favorite phrase of secret societies: “Order out of Chaos”. This is the type of rationale that makes the Hegelian Dialectic operational. The real government of this world has no qualms against staging chaotic bloody conflicts so that the resolution of those conflicts engenders their New World Order agenda, their “Great Work”, their ultimate Synthesis. To them, the end justifies the means, now therefore, wholesale murder is righteous if the survivors will unite. But the evil genius of it all is the complicity of the leaders of fighting factions in the whole arrangement. They’re usually in on it.

Consider one conflict which is engineered to end in the “Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis” mold: the Cold War. Notwithstanding the historical collapse of communism by 1990, we are yet to hear the end of the thing, judging by current displeasure with how capitalism is handling the family jewels. Now, “alternatives” are being discussed. (Remember headlines out of the latest G8 summit?) So the great Synthesis of capitalism and communism, the ultimate New World Order envisioned by the real world government, will feature aspects of both.

Contrary to widely available disinformation, the New World Order is not primarily an economic restructuring of societies. Economics is but one pillar of the plan. At any rate, such a fragmented view of life which compartmentalizes it into political, economic, social and religious spheres (as though these could be independent of one another) only complicates issues.

The New World Order as envisioned by its architects is supposed to be a total transformation of human society (note the singular), a “New Age”, a new way of doing things – even into the family and the workplace. All nations, races and religions are to be homogenized within its scope of activities – One World Government. And no, we won’t vote in referenda to accept or reject it, because our rulers and governments are complicit in the arrangement.

Should we worldlings prove too slow of wit or stubbornly unwilling to embrace the New World Order as sold to us, then the tools which will accelerate our enthusiasm are called war, violence, famine, social unrest and economic depression - currently ongoing, but the frenzy can always be tweaked a few notches higher. Then, when the outcry to resolve these conflicts hits a crescendo, peacemakers will call for Thesis plus Antithesis. The answer will be New World Order every time. Classic Hegelian Dialectic.

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