Monday, March 12, 2012

Inside Joke

Writers often modify stories on their blogs when the opportunity arises to exercise plot liberty. However I would like to declare that I never garnish my allegations on the New World Order.

Economics continues to be a complicated body of knowledge, such that an argument rages on in some campuses as to whether economics is a science or an art. To cut that argument short: economics is an inside joke.

Someone almost asphyxiates themselves with laughter to see us poring over graphs and theories in our search for economic literacy. The thing is far more refined than we glimpse. But we still go through the motions of learning about the Invisible Hand of supply and demand. Friends, the real Invisible Hand wields a variety of silent weapons against the population - not mechanical but psychological 'invisible' weapons of manipulation.

I begin: Economies survive on the public's faith that their money holds value.  Money is believed to represent actual existing wealth. Once this faith is shaken, financial instability or even collapse may follow. Thus the real power in economics is mass psychology, because, thanks to inflation, we know that that there is more money flying around than the supposedly real wealth it claims to represent. This makes the Invisible Hand's main job that of crowd control, lest market confidence should fold its tail and banknotes become firewood. By that time, the system has collapsed, and the Invisible Hand feels it can do without that.

Yet at the same time, information warfare is directed at the consumer. Global corporates are busy collecting all sorts of data. Analysts pore over it and psychologists digest it so that marketers can more effectively exploit the weak links in your subconscious awareness. They have the computers to constantly monitor such massive amounts of data and the guts to perform practical social experiments therewith. Like jolting energy prices just to see how the shock waves move through society. 

Sometimes, when the data is too diverse, it becomes difficult to sort. The Invisible Hand's solution to this is to require conformism in the population. Conformism lends itself to simpler algorithms for data analysts. Continued public dependence on the socioeconomic system - whatever its name - testifies to the success of the conformism aspect. The public sinks into the mire of existential doubt amidst creature comforts of every machination. Insanity multiplies, and suicide.

Meanwhile, an active program of psychological rape continues via transmissions of violence, sex and 'language'  on the mass entertainment media. Endless distraction thereby also leaves no room or quiet time for commoners to identify the problem.

When inflation becomes ridiculous - when the money and the population far exceeds the real wealth available, as it often does - then the societal cauldron ignites and its time for war. But for the Invisible Hand, war is an great opportunity to amass wealth by killing off the owners of real wealth - NOTE: not money. Thus, the Invisible Hand desires war and ensures that it is inevitable and regularly cyclical. Even communists confessed that imperialism is the natural extension of capitalism, confirming that a self-reliant capitalist economy eventually turns on itself. Thus, despite economists claiming to want to reduce the rich-poor gap, this is only achieved in fantasy fiction. With each cycle of war, the Invisible Hand claims more wealth for itself and its minions.

But war is a last resort, wasteful and potentially terminal. An alternative method favored by the Invisible Hand is the use of aforementioned silent weapons. It resorts to modern day 'enslavement of the mob' to remain in control. While the masses rely on the elite for their livelihood, the piper calls the tune. Subtle but thoroughgoing social engineering is the means by which the slaves fall in love with their slavery, with the fact of being a source of cheap labor.

Our politicians are clever enough, they know they need only delay the consequences of their economic ineptitude until after they've left office. Against the invisible Hand, our potentates are cuckolds, and most dare not hope for better than to escape untainted.

Economics? The Invisible Hand has played us for fools, and continues to move quietly behind the scenes towards its agendas. Our ignorance is its free pass. Suddenly we will wake up to find the New World Order fully constructed around us.

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