Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who ARE you?

Variety is the spice of life. Therefore, simply by being yourself, you do the planet a whole lot more good than by blindly aping some alleged megatrend, personality or product. In other words, the fact that there is no other you means that you are a limited edition collector’s item of inestimable value. Priceless. Even if it somehow became possible to clone you, that other thing would NOT be you in any form simply because you always see yourself as “Me.” When you identify any other identity that doesn’t refer to “Me,” well, that certainly is not you. You own the patent on yourself, you see. Sort of obvious really.

Question is, why waste your patent by making it look suspiciously like another already registered patent? Any sober judge would disqualify you as a fraud and refuse to consider your case any further if you were lucky. Since we can expect seriousness too he would urgently require you to compensate such theft of intellectual property through the nose, as if you hadn’t already scored a major own goal in life against your own “Me”. Though I have previously been accused of speaking too harshly, still, consider the possibility.

But by being yourself, you are in charge of at least yourself. Consider now the average football fanatic, which term can be used to describe me every now and then. His joy and sorrow are leveraged on the outcome of eleven uniformed guys out of twenty two chasing one leather ball between two nets under the supervision of a referee who along with his two checkered-flag-bearing assistants, dash up and down a length of grass. This set up determines the average man’s moods and ruins or enhances his outlook on life, even if only for that instant when the final ninety-minute whistle blows (which is a severe allowance: It usually lasts, on the average man, a whole season over cycles of games.) The man has come to identify himself with the team and in his head, its struggles are his too. I’m sorry to declare this to be a temporary confusion of identity; a failure to be yourself – You – that guy staring at a screen, continents away from the action thereon. Someone say “Me.”

But they say I speak too harshly. And hypocritically.

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