Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gaps in Logic

Utopia has been a stated goal of various individuals and governments throughout human history. For instance, Hitler led Germany down a path he was convinced would end in Central Utopia, a land he visualized as chock-full of blue-eyed blond purebred Aryans. So much for that.

Utopia is an admirable goal. Who doesn’t want a perfect life of ease thrilling with ceaseless joy? A world free of pollution, unrest and suffering is simply so good that to not want it should warrant jail. Kidding, To each his own. But I like the idea.

All previous attempts at establishing Utopia developed crimps at the conceptual stage. Scenic spots might be fenced out and investments of every kind pumped into the project. Still the project will fail if it is to be populated by imperfect human beings led by fallible rulers. Hitler for example was racist. Anyone read “King of Flies”? or “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley?

Now I cease beating about the bush and directly attack the philosophy behind the coming New World Order, admittedly a favorite target of mine of late. It is anchored on the thought that a world united under One World government will be ideal. Their symbol of this “Great Work,” a pyramid whose missing capstone is replaced by an All-Seeing Eye (check your dollar bills), represents the masses below being led by an “enlightened aristocracy of wisdom” above. This is their formula for banishing ignorance, superstition and fear (so they say), their pretext for doing away with the state, the church and the mob.

The mob is anyone who is ignorant of, or refuses to buy into, their vision. Does that define you? If so, then you are in “the mob” whether you knew it or not.

(Where was I? Yeah.) A “benevolent despotic aristocracy of wisdom” will lead a united world into one religion and one government and this is their formula for Utopia. My question remains: will the people and their ruler be infallible, perfect? (Right now, I am generous enough to avoid speculating on what the All-Seeing Eye stands for.) To agitate placid mental waters some more, the real question is “Can man make himself perfect by his own efforts and learning?” How you answer that question identifies your doctrine. If not, any Utopia involving just one imperfect man in it will surely fail.

The only sustainable Utopia is one led by a Righteous Savior-God-King over righteous redeemed saints. I put my hope in that one any day.

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