Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Power behind the Throne

“And as the axe came into the forest, all the trees said, ’At least the handle is one of us!’”

A story broke in the late 90s about the then multiplication of occult symbols, ritual murders and strange disappearances of individuals in Kenya. It aroused widespread alarm and hinted at the pervasiveness of devil-worshiping. Then, I was still a little impressionable primary school kid. After a while, the shock value in such news fizzled out and the whole thing sank out of view.

Today, secret societies are all the rave. Honest exposés of secret orders like the Illuminati and Freemasons are losing steam and sinking out of view and inspiring indifferent yawns. Now is a solemn opportunity to make the connection, while the information on the guiding doctrines of these societies still lingers online. The scope of these things is terrifying.

To summarize my findings (though I prefer each find their own findings), secret societies have infiltrated all religious, government and corporate organs. Their one and only allegiance is to their fraternity and their objectives. Any shows of nationalism or religious piety are secondary, but are outwardly demonstrated in order to preserve credibility. Their doctrine is Luciferian (there is no way to sugarcoat that one! And they won’t confess it either!). Their agenda is global in scope, namely, the creation of a New World Order, in which:
  • One World Government
  • One World religion
  • Enslavement of the mob

Which calls for:
  • Destruction of the state
  • Destruction of “superstition” (AKA the church)
  • Enslavement of the mob
“The mob,” friends, is you and me, non-members of powerful globally connected secret society. In their allegedly enlightened syntax, we are referred to as “Profane, Unwashed,” and our role in the New World Order is to conform and to provide labor for this their “Great Work,” because we are sheep, following blindly.

Don’t believe me? Watch trends.

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