Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Conceptual Framework

Thank you all, readers who visit and make me feel like the internet is not like typing directly into a black hole. Your audience is the only reason I do this. Which is why I try to say something important or useful, to be worth your time in a way that matters.

There is no end to the tons of things I could post on here. Readers may have noticed that my posts of late have turned away from this blog's original themes. This reflects, in part, a change in my lifestyle and environment. More importantly, the old adage GIGO ("Garbage In Garbage Out") shall no longer apply to this my blog. Firstly, because "Life and Times of Antony" coincides ominously with the Biblical "Signs of the Times of The End", of which a willful ignorance seems to have seized the masses.

Therefore be not dismayed if I tackle trends in local and world politics, religion and pop culture. Not to say I no longer exist as a free-thinking individual; rather, I prefer to think of myself as a conscious participant or witness to the excesses or victories of the age.

Sure, my faith might have become a turn-off for certain readers, especially when I make hasty generalizations every commercial writer is warned against making, but forgive the zeal. If you can't stand by what you believe, preferring rather to be slave to Political Correctness, your funeral. While I have life, I can not maintain silence while darkness overspreads the world and ignorance is celebrated. I'm dead serious.

Otherwise, events in my life will also continue to feature here on this my online journal. In other words, the blog continues.

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