Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IQ tests soon to become irrelevant

What if I said that there was an intentional international conspiracy to make the world’s inhabitants dumber? Would you call me a “Conspiracy Nut”? Nevertheless, I must take that risk and blog the possibilities.

Why would anyone intentionally make us dumb, you ask? Short answer: the world is run by mad men.

That is not an insult to your governments and presidents, though you might think so. These merely supervise the world for elites. Many of them are glad to absorb the blame for whatever goes wrong; it gives them the opportunity to play fireman and look important. If you’re in the developing world, simply forget the possibility that your leaders will take stated elites to task about a fast-declining national average IQ, as if anyone has noticed at all. (The political heads are still busy with dodging questions about their campaign promises to this day. And they were sellouts to start with.) If you’re in the developed world, your governments’ policies are in the very handwriting of corporate lobbyists, evolving in season into campaign donors.

The world’s real and shadowy elite generally makes decisions beyond the reach of parliaments and legislative authorities, which are only occasionally called upon to provide their tacit complicity as elected rubberstamps of exploitation of the not-so-equal.

As for the title of this post, if we do become as dumb as the elites plan to make us eventually, IQ tests will quickly become a relic of the past, a CGI FX prop in tales of legend. They will have been rendered useless by our own ready willingness to suspend our intelligence to the equivalent level of sheep,
and to operate contentedly at that level where we would perform as well in our sleep,
in which we have chosen to trust ourselves to wolves to keep.


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