Friday, May 11, 2012

Failure to Perform

Men regard themselves in the light of their usefulness to society. Thus, male unemployment results in low male self esteem. This is because a man's perceived contribution to society is tightly bundled with his own positive or negative conception of his identity and worth.

While this raises the spectre of ultracompetitive behavior in males, it remains an inevitable fact of the male psyche. A guy who feels like society's third wheel, say due to unemployment, feels it heavily as a bad reflection on himself. The resentful backlash that results from such existential unease is felt particularly hard in his close personal and family relationships.
This emotional kick in the balls can have such a far-reaching impact as to result in total failure of the actual physical balls, as corroborated by accounts of marriages and relationships which proceeded swimmingly - until the dude lost his job. Certainly the financial setback is a big worry, but the chief terminal injury to the relationship is the man's utter inability to construct a relevant self-narrative of his own usefulness in the world. Needless to say, this attitude only births a self-perpetuating downward spiral, but a man will be a man even if it literally kills him.

In short, if a man doesn't get up to go to work, he probably can't get it up either.

In other words, failure to perform (work) is a major cause of failure to perform (sex).

More explicitly put, male unemployment is a failsafe psychological cock-blocker, which is quite effective, seeing how all sex begins in the mind.

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