Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preparing for Resistance

It is one thing to see the ongoing systemwide transition towards a New World Order and to recognize the dangers it poses to communities and individuals. It is quite something else to try to envision if at all one can fit into such an unjust structure, and how.

Fact is, every day we come closer to the point where moral theory must be tested in practice, where good intentions must reflect in actions. It takes understanding to know the truth, but strength from above to act in truth no matter what.

My perspective of late is turning inwards, which I think is a stage I must pass through to get over. But it is uncomfortable due to all the things it shows me about myself, all the self-contradicting gaps I whitewash and ignore, my weakness and occasional hypocrisy. However, I must remember that the journey ahead is of more importance than what I've left behind. Focus.

And I'm leaving a lot behind; heavy baggage. For one, I've had to face the fact the my sentimental ties to The Ex are more harm than good - its latter end is only more pain looming in the uncertain future. Even worse, it's been fuelled by nostalgia of a past long lost, and driven by ego. Its concept, rationale and objectives are all faulty. It's time I cut my losses. Hard to take, but necessary to know.

We, the whole world, are tottering on the rim of the great chasm of history known Biblically as "the Great Tribulation." Quite shortly the things at stake will become obvious to anyone who cares to find out. Funny time to be taking on social responsibilities; yet faith keeps us obstinate in the hope that GOD will provide. Change may be coming, but GOD never changes.

In GOD we trust.

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