Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Running from the Truth

The LORD returns as a conqueror; not to do battle, rather, He is already victorious. He is escorted not by armed warriors but by angels bearing musical instruments and singing celebratory songs of victory. Nobody is fighting.

Christ's people see Him and exclaim, "This is our GOD, we have waited for Him!"

But The enemies of the LORD see His second advent - and take off running! They try to hide! But there's a generalized earthquake and thunderstorms everywhere to say nothing of hailstones and lightning... and so they scream to the hills, "Fall on us, and hide us...!"

But it is not a strange reaction. Even the prophet Isaiah, when the LORD appeared to him in vision for the first time, exclaimed, "I am undone!" for he was aware of the holy righteousness of the LORD, and in His presence, felt firsthand his own human (self)righteousness to be as rags in comparison. He fell prostrate before GOD.

And this is the truth:  that men by nature have erred, and continue to sin, but every word that proceeds from the LORD is perfect, all His judgments are just and all his deeds are good through all time. The key difference between His saints and the wicked is the acknowledgement of this fact in word and deed, and the willingness to abide by his commandments - His perfect law, and the faith to put their hope in their perfect GOD alone.

But as for the wicked, "Because they received not the love of the truth, GOD has sent them a strong delusion." They run away from the truth at every turn. Thus, when at Christ's second coming, his enemies run away from Him, and seek death, they have had enough practice running away from the truth. Except,in this one case, practice won't make perfect.

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