Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nudity and Violence

Watching movies can go two ways: either it gets addictive or it gets sickening. The latter happened to me. After a while, plot gets predictable, drama goes overdone, conversation becomes cliche and visual effects get more and more ridiculous and farfetched with the introduction of 3D and slow motion. Still, it's hard not to notice the trend towards sex and violence in today's entertainment.

Don't get me wrong; there has been nudity and cold murder in movies ever since movies began to air, but today it's over the top. The effect of all this is to desensitize viewers to violence and to dilute viewers' capacity to appreciate the sanctity of sex.

But there is deeper damage done on the psychological and spiritual levels. Yes. To start with, sexual orgies and blood sacrifices originally began as rituals within the ancient pagan religions to appease their small 'g' pagan gods. Yeah, the same religions which had temple prostitutes and altars for burning babies as sacrifices. Such ideation provides the spiritual basis of the movies that inculcate bloodlust and raw animal passions.

Consciously studying the plot behind our bloody movies reveals that the wholesale murder of on-screen characters is anchored on false premises, double bind situations and staged scenarios of no alternative, and the murders are committed in increasingly sadistic fashions. For entertainment. The problem? Life rarely calls for death as a way out of anything. Now let's remember that in Ancient Rome's arenas, when gladiators were killing one another for the entertainment of blood-crazed citizens, limbs were flying and blood was flowing and the fighters were slaves. Entertainment.

The sex in today's movies is just plain old mass hypersexualition agenda. Sure, sex sells. Observe how in action movies, the femme fatales are always dressed in skimpy, cleavage exaggerating and decidedly non-fighting gear, and the fight sequences will always manifest inordinate amounts of crotch display all the while blue murder proceeds. We haven't even reached the outright steamy scenes yet and they already be beaming subtle subconscious sex cues at us. What's this supposed to be? the violent foreplay of psychological rape ?

The porn link is pretty straightforward. Snap to mental images of temple prostitutes in the service of some fertility god and there you have it. They play the same role, and their outward beauty and endless variety serves only to enchain their prey to a myopic god called instant gratification. It's really unfortunate then that the sex is at best meaningless, but the depravity that results only worsens with continued exposure. I know you hear me right.

Does your entertainment require gruesome murder and pointless copulation? Do you assume that merely watching and not actually doing does no harm? If so, you might just be the unwitting devout follower of a religion you would otherwise call barbaric if asked to comment.

In such situations, the advice of three wise monkeys comes to mind: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." Guard your heart, cleanse your mind, know your GOD.


  1. You've made some very interesting points here. I say more people should vote with their feet ie: if you know a film has sexual violence etc then why go? After all, it's our money that is keeping those people in business. Very few films can justify all the pointless bad language etc that they portray. We know what happens when 2 consenting adults have sex, do we really need to see every inch of what they do?

    Nowadays you see previews of films and they even tell you beforehand whether it is of a sexual nature, has graphic violence, or is not suitable for certain ages etc, so no excuses. Vote with your feet, in time it will make a difference.


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