Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flashing Neon

Distraction is multiplied today, and we fall victim to it almost every day of our lives. Blink and you miss it -that's how much distraction is going on.

As always, I figure it's all just one part of the larger New World Order conspiracy to subvert the whole world. In the name of progress, all the gains made by human societies stand threatened by distractions of every nature. The principle behind all these is to disengage the mind, by propagating ignorance dressed in the garb of learning, foolishness dressed in the lively livery of entertainment.

As for actual so-called education, students are taught other than real economics, law and history in schools. Generally I have yet to hear of any sector of the economy which expressed satisfaction with the caliber of university graduates being released into their respective job markets.

Distraction is entertaining the public with shallow pursuits in as much quantity as we desire - "junk food for thought". TV hardly ever required the viewer to think too deeply without a significant amount of the processing having been done for us already. Who's to say it's soundly digested? Even when they bring us Prime Time TV opinion polls to vote in, the questions are so framed to narrow thought to Yes or No.

TV is for keeping the public busy, leaving us no time to think while simultaneously denying us room to actually get anything concrete done during time spent watching it. All the while, all types of subliminal messages, subversive ideas and product placements rape our unconscious minds.

There is constant mental and emotional rape via real and fictional wars, sex and bloody violence in mass media, be it the news or the movies. And the news is not as balanced as advertised, since it primarily serves to fabricate we viewers' priorities for us.

Overall goal: that we may not discover the social automation technology arrayed against us for the benefit of others. There is profit in confusion, just not for the confused.

Legal force is not necessarily lawful force. Go figure.

(Inspired by the late William Cooper)

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